Founded in 1930, the company Koci stands for a productive and innovative business in the field of electrical machinery.

Since than our business portfolio has been expanded to a range of:

  • own production of compressors with dc motor
  • maintenance and repair of electrical motors, pumps, generators, power tools, etc.
  • serial and order production on CNC – lathes and CNC – milling machines


Due to qualified know-how and many years of experience, the present company Koci Elektromaschinen GbR has solidified its position as an established business.


Constant development, high quality and good customer service – that is the guideline we are operating by and which is verified by the certification of ISO 9001:2015.



1930 – The company Koci was founded as far back as 1930 at the same site where you can still find the company today. Over the years the business has developed from handling small orders to being a big enterprise carrying out all work necessary on electric machines and electrical installations.


1964 – In 1964 the company was given the name “Helmut Koci Elektromaschinen”. Because of the good and professional cooperation between management and highly-skilled and motivated employees, the company soon developed an excellent reputation and received orders from all parts of the former East Germany.


1992 – In 1992 it became necessary to restructure the company. To respond to market demands, the company started developing and manufacturing high-performance compressors with 12 and 24 volt DC motors that are mainly used in the automobile industry, agriculture, forestry, the building industry, construction of special vehicles and railway vehicles. After successful development we were able to launch two “DEKRA”-approved and patented compressor aggregates at the beginning of 1996.


2001 – In 2001 the company passed into the 3rd generation as Helmut Koci, Silke Koci and Brigitta Lachmann took over the management. The company considers permanent ongoing development, quality, performance and good service to be of the greatest importance.

Thanks to our employees` good expertise and their great wealth of experience, the “Koci Elektromaschinen GbR” is now a recognised name in the electrical engeneering sector.

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