KC100/1.21 & KC200/1.21   STANDARD VERSION



The powerful compressor aggregates with their direct current motors and control units are manufactured compactly. They have been developed for a wide range of applications where a single compressed air supply is necessary.

  • Motor vehicle, electrical and special vehicle sector
  • Agricultural and forestry sector
  • Construction business
  • Track vehicle construction
  • Boat building
  • Mining
  • Service vehicles – tyre service


If desired, all generators can be equipped with an antifreeze system that guarantees trouble – free operation even at temperatures well below zero. The compressor aggregates can be used for the generation of compressed air either as stationary or portable device in locations where environmental considerations require solely battery operation.




The compressor is a compact modular unit comprised of two main parts, the single – cylinder compressor and the direct current motor as drive source. The following main technical details, that are included in the standard version and contribute to increased safety and functional performance, should also be mentioned: In order to guarantee the safety of the electrical connections and the corresponding control of the unit, a control lamp outside the appliance, but within the view of the operating personnel, indicates the respective operational condition. A specially developed control block has been added in order to further reduce its fault susceptibility and to minimise the amount of space required. The control block is connected using a plug-in arrangement, and the pressure monitor can be set from outside. An oscillation compensation has been integrated into the motor to avoid vibration and to guarantee low-noise and wear-retardant running. For noise reduction purposes the compressor units are mounted on 4 silent blocks and fitted with an intake silencer and a sound absorber on the discharge valve.

Control block sector:

  • Solenoid discharge valve (only compressor units with antifreeze)
  • Pressure monitor
  • Safety valve
  • Antifreeze system with antifreeze reservoir (optional)


Protection and monitoring Installation sector:

  • Power relay and/or protections
  • Interference suppresser
  • Alarm system for carbon brush wear
  • Excess temperature protection
  • Under voltage protection
  • Splash-proof unit IP66







maximum working pressure:bar1010101010
inlet volume:l/ min7575757575
effect. capacity at 6b:l/ min5252525252
compressor speed:U/ min15001500150016001600
motor rating:kW0,50,50,530,530,55
power consumption:A48241385,5
system of protection:IP6666666666
Oil filling (SAE HD 10):l0,130,130,130,130,13
sound performance level LWA:dB8484848484
 12V/ 24V48V/ 80V/ 110V
dimensions L x W x H:390 x 255 x 320mm390 x 265 x 320mm

Compressor Unit




maximum working pressure:bar1010101010
inlet volume:l/ min150150150150150
effect. capacity at 6b:l/ min104105105106106
compressor speed:U/ min24002500250026002600
motor rating:kW1111,21,2
power consumption:A964824165,5
system of protection:IP6666666666
Oil filling (SAE HD 10):l0,130,130,130,130,13
sound performance level LWA:dB8484848484
 12V/ 24V48V/ 80V/ 110V
dimensions L x W x H:440 x 255 x 320mm440 x 285 x 320mm




  • Pressure air tank 10l
  • Pressure air tank 20l
  • Pressure air tank 50l
  • Portable tube tank 1l